I Refuse To Do What You Tell Me


I know what you want.

You want me to understand,

You want me to show you that I know what Hamlet’s soliloquy means.

I understand but do I really want to show you?

Is it really better to finish assignments the way I am supposed to

What if I could do it differently, in my own way and have it come out better;

Maybe you would love it and think I am a great writer;

I might get full marks and be praised for being such a creative individual.

Then again, you might hate it.

You could want me to do this the proper way, taking his poem and adapting it;

Write it as a country song or a nursery rhyme.

Is that the right thing to do – If I didn’t like it but you did;

Would I rather have good marks or good writing?

What if I failed the course, then would it be worth it?

What is it we are even afraid of;

A number, assigned to our writing and to us.

Or am I a coward, afraid to voice my true thoughts for fear of a bad mark

Are we all cowards – hiding behind false words?

Faking our responses and emotions just to get five percent more;

Isn’t that an easy way out?

Turning Shakespeare into country songs and rhymes

Rewording his play to be a gangster rap

Is that really creative writing?