I Am a Bad Poet

An adaption I did of Diane Burns “Sure You Can Ask Me a Personal Question”


Hey, how are you?
I’m pretty good, just writing some poetry.
I don’t get this poem.
It’s like a one sided conversation.
I’d rather hear the other side of the conversation.
Does that make me a bad poet?
What if the other person’s thoughts are more interesting?
Rather than being judged and stereotyped
there would be judgement.
And stereotyping.

Would that make you think more?
Would we judge people so fast?
Or would your eyes just glaze over these words.
Reading them but not taking them in
Because you don’t care
Because I’m a bad poet.



I am the Poet.

I love poetry assignments for school. This is the response I write to any poem, it has very good poetry words and sounds pretty.


This poem was very image rich, I felt as if I could see everything the author described. He had a really good way of using imagery and descriptive terms and I think it worked well in this poem. This poem seemed very average in most aspects, it was a short image rich poem but there wasn’t much that set it apart from other poetry.

I also write poems – everything I write is free verse with a bit of no capitilazation.

A tree stands in the tundra.
Alone amongst the elk.
Black against the snow.
And we will never see
this tree
because it doesn’t exist
and this poem is the best you will get.