Jacob and the Butterfly – DP Challenge

For the WordPress Creative Writing Challenge. Challenge was to “Tell us the tale of a human-animal transformation” and I once again demonstrated my ability to read things too fast and ignore important parts of the directions.


The sun rose, a pale orb that grew softly, heating the small valley. Birds began singing, flowers spread their petals, deer shook the dew off their skin and the whole world felt like a sickly sweet Disney film.

Jacob stretched his legs, his back sore after sleeping on the ground and looked out at the valley. He hunted around in his sack for a piece of meat and waited for his father to wake up. The sound of his rhythmic chewing eventually woke his father up, Jacob Senior stretched out, used to sleeping on the ground from his many months spent hunting.

Jacob and his father slowly packed their bags and began the hike back out of the valley, pausing along to bond in a father and son type of way. Jacob’s father pointed out animal tracks and different types of plants, teaching his son about his trade. Jacob stopped and pointed out a caterpillar, sitting on a branch.

“Father what’s this?” Jacob asked.
Jacob Senior paused – he’d seen many animals while out on his hunt but he had never seen this before. The caterpillar was slowly wrapping itself in a cocoon, silk strands going around and around its body.
“I’m not sure what it is Jacob, let us wait and find out”

They sat down in front of the branch and waited, waiting to see what this mysterious creature was doing. The sun continued to rise in the valley, burning the dew off of leaves and stirring the animals. Still Jacob and his father sat, watching the little animal wrap itself up. By the end of the day it was completely covered in a cocoon and the sun was setting. Jacob wrapped himself in his furs and shivered – he didn’t dare to ask his father any more questions and thought it would be better to wait and see what happened. So they waited and waited, for three long days they stared at the cocoon, not sleeping or eating, just watching the little bug to see what would happen.

Finally, on the third day it moved, just a little bit, and they both edged closer, intent on the tiny little animal. The cocoon slowly broke to reveal a butterfly, its red wings glowing in the late evening, it was a pure thing, completely innocent and new to this world and it seemed to radiate in the valley. Its soft, sticky new wings flapped back and forth gently, trying to dry themselves in the remaining heat from the sun.

“My god” breathed Jacob Senior “It is a were-animal, transforming from a caterpillar to this demonic flying creature. Stand back my son! I must kill it before it infects this valley with its hellish soul!”

Jacob Senior stood back, drawing his knife. He raised it over his head and in one swift movement stabbed it into the butterfly, ending the life of what he believed to be a were-animal from the depths of hell.


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