Jungle Bongos For Sale

I was selling some old things and came across a broken pair of bongo drums. I wrote this and tried to sell them for $2,000.

Jungle Bongo

I am selling my bongos because I have no space left in my house for bongos.
The top of the bongos used to be some sort of goat skin or similar product but it was beaten on by kids and now the top is half goatskin, half masking tape. I ran out of masking tape on the second bongo so it doesn’t make any noise.
Would be a good christmas present for someone you hated or a kid with lots of goatskin and spare time.
You could also just take the goatskin/masking tape mess off of the drums completely and give them to someone with a good imagination.
The possibilties are endless, they could be air bongos, broken binoclaurs or anything else you can think of, so long as you can only think of two round wooden spheres, joined together with a bit of wood.