Dynex Mouse – Revolutionizing the World!

This computer mouse is an amazing high quality work of engineering brilliance. The Dynex brand name is known to stand for high quality and durability. It’s all black, as most cool things are now, but it is also an extreme racially aware mouse as they wrote the Dynex part in white. Equality for the win! The side of the mouse is made out of an unknown substance, probably carbon fibre, with a reflective glaze so that I can see my features whilst I am working. All I have to do is look at my amazing Dynex mouse and it’s pretty much exactly like a mirror.

My favourite feature is the extra buttons on both sides used for navigating forwards and backwards on web pages. Thankfully these buttons are not able to be mapped to anything else, that way you can’t do what you want – you have to do what the manufactures want, which is probably the best anyways. The scroll wheel is another one of this mouse’s many features, enabling me to scroll upwards and downwards on almost any program or website. With my old mouse I had to manually drag the side scroll bar up and down which almost gave me terminal arthritis and pneumonia. Thankfully I purchased this mouse and now my arthritis is cured!

Ergonomic design and ridges on the side allow me to use my mouse in places that a normal computer would not be able to function. I’ve personally not moved it from my desk but I feel confident that with the gripping ridges on the side I could use this mouse anywhere. If I was in an Amazonian jungle with pythons and koala bears attacking me I would grab this mouse and fend them off with zero fear of dropping it! Quickly recycling random .raw files to increase RAM whilst riding a raging river of rapids in Russia? No fear, this mouse will not fall from your pudgy, sweaty, wet hand! Recycle those documents like a pro!

You can tell a lot about the quality of a mouse by the sound it makes when you click it. Well don’t worry because this mouse sounds like it was engineered by an ex-BMW Swiss employee who has major OCD. The solid *click* will remind you of a well made Rolls-Royce, an indestructible AK-47 and a Belgium grandfather clock all at once. Sometimes I get up at night and just start clicking my mouse to hear that beautiful sound.

Personally I would recommend this mouse to a goth mountain climber who loves black and being able to navigate his computer in any conditions! 5 thumbs up Dynex, you’ve nailed the mouse again!dynex